Mizzie The Kangaroo Featured on Vita Daily Magazine!

Mizzie The Kangaroo Is Hopping Into Canada This Holiday Season (Win!)

Sandra Ebbot and Mizzie The Kangaroo

 **Below Article Is Reposted by Vita Daily Magazine & Was Not Written By The Mizzie Team**

Mizzie The Kangaroo, the much-loved, award-winning Australian natural teething and educational
toy brand, is hopping into Babies R Us stores across Canada. Mizzie is the perfect gift idea for
new or soon-to-be parents, and we chatted with founder, Canadian-born Australian mom
Sandra Ebbott, to find out more! —Vita Daily


Hi Sandra! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you! I am originally from Quebec City, and I finished my education at university in Ottawa. Afterwards, I led a successful global marketing career across Europe. I worked at BMW in Germany (I was part of the global launch team of MINI Cooper), Pepsi in the U.K. and Ireland, and Reebok, Europe. I ended up in Australia in 2007, originally with BMW, and decided to make tropical Queensland my forever home. My career progressed and soon I was helping Australian companies with their marketing strategies. Next, I married an Aussie, and both my kids were born in Brisbane. I am now officially, proudly, Canadian-Australian.

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