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Music is an amazing tool for the body, mind and soul! Children, from a very early age, can start identifying rhythm and even begin to dance and move to beat.

But, music will be so much more for your little one than just a fun dance session or favourite tune, these sounds will help to shape your little one's cognitive and physical development throughout their early-childhood. 

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Spending time creating bonds with your new baby is some of the most precious times mum, dad and other relatives get to spend together.

The time shared is so important not only for your relationship but to help the baby grow and enhance their mental development.

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If you haven’t started reading to your little one yet, don’t fret, its never too late to start. Reading with babies and children is a constant learning journey with every word read to them beneficial to their cognitive development. As bub listens to your words, she will creating sound patterns in her mind, working on recollection and memory to understand the words and their meaning, even though she can’t say them just yet.

Board books are the perfect style of book for you to read with your little one, as the books are designed with little hands in mind. As bub grows you will find he can start holding the books himself whilst you read.

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It is never too early to start singing, reading and playing music for your baby, as they are constantly developing and learning through hearing from about 18 weeks old when they can first hear your tummy grumble! Mizzie is here to help with giving your little one, the best start in life, before you’ve even met.
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