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Having been learning for the best part of the last year, your little one is now at a point of combining a lot of the concepts and skills she has learned so far all together. It is a truly remarkable time to engage with your almost toddler as they interact with you and their world differently than ever before.

From words to actions and physical movements, there are so many ways babies are going to try to impress you and interact with you while building on their communication skills. Now is the time to really get in and start having some fun with them, singing and clapping, playing games and chatting with them.

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Have you started tummy time yet? 

Did you know that tummy time and rolling is an important part of bub's development? In fact, it is a big part of your little one's physical and mental development helping them to convert from a stationary world to one on the move. With regular practice lifting their head up unassisted, bub is exercising their core strength and improving their motor skills. As they begin to look around in this position he also improves his visual and sensory skills.

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Music is an amazing tool for the body, mind and soul! Children, from a very early age, can start identifying rhythm and even begin to dance and move to beat.

But, music will be so much more for your little one than just a fun dance session or favourite tune, these sounds will help to shape your little one's cognitive and physical development throughout their early-childhood. 

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Teething pain doesn’t sleep, and neither will bub! We don’t blame them either, for anyone who has ever suffered a toothache, you know what we are talking about. The pressure of those little teeth pushing through is enough to wake your baby at all hours of the night. Sometimes all we can do is to be there with them, giving cuddles and comfort whether the pain hits day or night.

Night time teething not only affects bub routines and behaviours, but mum and dad also suffer trying to function on sleepless nights. By working to maintain sleep habits you can help them through and maybe catch a few zzz’s yourself.

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